House Calendar Info

Eliot House maintains two events calendars and three house-wide email lists. The calendars are visible on the House website, public screens in the house, and we encourage all house members to subscribe and use the calendars responsibly.

Eliot Official Calendar

This calendar contains all Eliot House and Harvard University events, deadlines, and academic periods. The calendar is managed by Sue Weltman the Eliot House Administrator.

Contact Sue:

Subscribe to Eliot Official Calendar.

Eliot Community Calendar

This calendar contains all Eliot House community events, practices, performances, and meetings that take place at Eliot House. The calendar is managed by the Senior Tutors, House Committee (HoCo) Chairs, and the Eliot Webmaster. 

Every Calendar entry must contain:

  • What: Clear name of event.  
  • Who: Include tutor or student name that is leading the event
  • When: Accurate start and end times. Set repeating events wisely and only for the term, not infinity.
  • Where: Exactly which room or meeting place
  • Bonus points: email or phone number for community members to follow up

Contact Jacues (Eliot Webmaster) or the Tech Tutors to become a calendar editor:

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