House Email Lists


Eliot House maintains 3 email lists:

1. [Eliot-Official-Announce]

Managed by Sue Weltman, House Masters, House Staff, and the Resident Dean,who send official house announcements via this list.

A mandatory house list used sparingly for all official Harvard University and Eliot House academic and administrative events, deadlines, and notifications. Contact Moderator:  Susan Weltman 

2. [Eliot-Community-Trunk]

Eliot Resident Tutors and HoCo Chairs send Eliot events, announcements, and community related announcements via this list.

Eliot Community Trunk emails are helpful to many and for/by/at Eliot. An opt-out list, used more frequently for all intentional, helpful, and valuable Eliot House-specific community related events and announcements. 

1 email per event, ideally a day or more in advance. Keep "same day reminders" to a minimum, please send those to Eliot Open List.

Contact Moderators Carlo Bocconcelli, Mike Hankinson or Adrian Veres.

If you have an announcement for this list as the relevant HoCo leader or Tutor to circulate.


  • Eliot community specific event (ideally 12+ students) invitations. Bonus points: sharing with us why it is important to you and worth our collective time. That we get to know you!
  • Eliot community related wellness and activity announcements lead by Eliotites. Bonus points: good photos of Eliotites, putting the event on the Eliot Community Calendar.  Subscribe to Eliot Official Calendar. Yay automation.
  • Eliot community specific questions and reflections. Bonus points: end with call to action or real-world meeting.


  • Random events and groups outside of Eliot with the exception of tutor-curated digest emails. If you have to... rather "pub" it on Eliot-List
  • Random requests for stuff that can be found in the square or House Office. See Eliot House FAQ and,,
  • Random emails relevant to fewer than 12 people. Rather contact individuals or tutors directly.

3. [Eliot-Open-List]

A list for "pubbing" events and clubs that the Eliot House community might find interesting. Open to all and unmoderated. Subscription is entirely optional. Converse and get your GIF on.

Contact Webmasters Jacques van Rhyn and Carlo Bocconcelli or HoCo Chairs Taylor Benninger and Jesus Moran. 

4. [EliotTutorReadIt]

A list where your house tutors get to share interesting and topica news articles, research studies, blogs or videos with you in order to promote intellectual exchange. If you see something that interests you, start a discussion with the tutor who sent it. Reply-all to the whole list will not be enabled, so you don’t have to worry about getting spammed.

Contact Moderators: Seun Araromi and Sorell Massenburg.


If you are not receiving [Eliot-Official-Announce], [Eliot-Community-Trunk], or [Eliot-List] emails, or would like to receive emails to your non-Harvard College email address, please contact Carlo Bocconcelli or Jacques van Rhyn to be added to the lists.