House Email Lists


Eliot House maintains 3 email lists:

1. [Eliot-Official-Announce]

Managed by Sue Weltman, Faculty Deans, House Staff, and the Resident Dean,who send official house announcements via this list.

A mandatory house list used sparingly for all official Harvard University and Eliot House academic and administrative events, deadlines, and notifications. Contact Moderator:  Susan Weltman 

2. [Eliot-Community-Trunk]

Eliot Resident Tutors and HoCo Chairs send Eliot events, announcements, and community related announcements via this list.

Eliot Community Trunk emails are helpful to many and for/by/at Eliot. An opt-out list, used more frequently for all intentional, helpful, and valuable Eliot House-specific community related events and announcements. 

1 email per event, ideally a day or more in advance. Keep "same day reminders" to a minimum, please send those to Eliot Open List.

Contact Moderators Sorell Massenburg.

If you have an announcement for this list as the relevant HoCo leader or Tutor to circulate.


  • Eliot community specific event (ideally 12+ students) invitations. Bonus points: sharing with us why it is important to you and worth our collective time. That we get to know you!
  • Eliot community related wellness and activity announcements lead by Eliotites. Bonus points: good photos of Eliotites, putting the event on the Eliot Community Calendar.  Subscribe to Eliot Official Calendar. Yay automation.
  • Eliot community specific questions and reflections. Bonus points: end with call to action or real-world meeting.


  • Random events and groups outside of Eliot with the exception of tutor-curated digest emails. If you have to... rather "pub" it on Eliot-List
  • Random requests for stuff that can be found in the square or House Office. See Eliot House FAQ and,,
  • Random emails relevant to fewer than 12 people. Rather contact individuals or tutors directly.

3. [Eliot-Open-List]

A list for "pubbing" events and clubs that the Eliot House community might find interesting. Open to all and unmoderated. Subscription is entirely optional. Converse and get your GIF on.

Subscribe / Unsubscribe here:

Contact Webmasters  or HoCo Chairs . 


If you are not receiving [Eliot-Official-Announce], [Eliot-Community-Trunk], or [Eliot-List] emails, or would like to receive emails to your non-Harvard College email address, please contact Sorell Massenburg to be added to the lists.