Our fellowship tutors are dedicated to helping Eliot students find the best opportunities to enrich their studies, research, or post-graduate life. Whether students are interested in a masters degree program in (the other) Cambridge, purposeful summer travels, or field work in Brazil through a Fulbright, our team helps students navigate through the application process. We believe that applying -- especially writing a personal statement -- itself is a journey to introspect and learn more about oneself. We are excited to help students communicate their dreams and ambitions.

Please feel free to get hold of any of the team members: Hattie Chung, Peter Kalugin, Maggie Spivey, Patrick Behrer, and Jonathan Tsai. To do so, we'd like to share a few house rules we've maintained over the years, especially for incoming sophomores. 


  1. Fellowship office hours (OH) are every Tuesday night: starts at 7pm or 8:30pm, lasts 1.5 hours. This is the best and most guaranteed way to get feedback on your application! Come with a draft or general questions. 
  2. We will not accept requests for 1-on-1 meetings unless you have a legitimate, recurrent conflict with OH, e.g., varsity athletics, evening class, work/job shift.
  3. We will accept email requests to review drafts if and only if you've already met with us in person to talk through your application (most likely at office hours!). 
  4. If #3 is met, any digital requests for feedback must be given to us with at least 1 week notice -- otherwise, we will not guarantee a response. Unless otherwise specified, please make sure to write to *all* fellowship tutors -- Hattie (hattiechung@gmail.com), Peter (pkalugin@g.harvard.edu), Maggie (s.margaret.spivey@gmail.com), Jonathan (jmtsai@bwh.harvard.edu).