Golden Arm Movie Room

Before using the Golden Arm/Movie, please review: 
Golden Arm/Movie Policies

The Golden Arm can only be reserved (see below) by Eliotites. The key must be checked-out, signed for and returned to the Building Manager's office. The individual who reserved the Golden Arm is responsible for clean-up. The Golden Arm has a projector connected to wall-mounted speakers. There is an HDMI cord and HDMI adapters with the projector (that must stay in the Golden Arm). Users should bring their laptop and export video to the projector. 

Watch the eliot-trunk for movie night announcements.

For help with the Golden Arm or suggestions, contact: Sorell.

To add a reservation to the calendar below:
1. Go to your own Google Calendar and create your event. 
2. Include your name and the reason for the reservation in the Event Title (e.g. "Charles William Eliot, Golden Arm/Movie") 
3. Invite this entity to your event:
This is the Golden Arm/Movie Calendar ID. 
4. If the Golden Arm/Movie room is not already booked at that time, your reservation is complete and will appear on this page.  Congrats!
5. When your reservation time begins, sign out the key from the Building Manager's Office.

If you do not have a personal Google Calendar, email the Golden Arm/Movie room coordinator. Send the date, time, and description of your event, and he can add it for you.