House Life FAQ

1. Why can't I register?

You have to be on campus to Register. If you are on campus but are still experiencing difficulty, please contact the Resident Dean's office.

2. I submitted an add/drop form to the House office yesterday, why hasn't my schedule changed?

The Registrar's office processes forms as quickly as possible. However, they deal with a large volume of forms submitted daily, especially at the beginning of the semester. Give the Registrar's office a few days to process your petition. If after a week, your status still has not changed, contact Laura who can follow up for you.

3. I am thinking of studying abroad, what do I need to know?

If you would like to study out of residence, you should discuss your plans with your Concentration Adviser and the Resident Dean. Once you have made the decision, you should contact the Office of International Programs. That office will guide you through the process. A note before you leave: please sure to complete the housing cancellation packet for the term that you will be absent. Failure to do so might result in a fee.

4. I want to take a leave of absence. What do I need to know before I make my decision?

If you are considering taking time off from school, you should discuss this with the Resident Dean. If you do decide to go on leave, the dean will help you to enter the appropriate paperwork for the Administrative Board. You must, however, cancel your housing for the upcoming semester before the deadline. The deadlines change each year so you should check with the Office of Residential Life for the current deadlines. The housing cancellation forms are available in the house office.
Returning to Campus after a Leave of Absence
If you were away for a semester or longer, please make sure that you submit an Intent to Return Form to the House Administrator, Sue Weltman, before the deadline. Otherwise, you will not be guaranteed housing.
Sue recommends that you complete the Intent to Return form at the same time that you cancel. This way, you will not have to worry about missed deadlines. Don't worry. If you are not sure how long you will be on leave, please write an anticipated return date. You can always change the return date.

5. I really want to take two classes but they meet at the same time. Can I take them both?

The College generally does not allow students to enroll in two or more courses with overlapping or identical meeting times. Occasionally, students can enroll in two courses that meet at the same time. This requires a special petition to the Administrative Board for simultaneous enrollment. The petition is granted only under three specific circumstances. Read more on the academic overview page and contact the Resident Dean's office as soon as possible into the semester.

6. How do I get proof that I am currently registered as a full time student? My parents need it for their insurance.

You can get an official certificate of enrollment from the Registrar's Office by calling 495-1544. It will have the stamped signature of the registrar and the seal of the college, and can be faxed or mailed for you to the office that requires it.

7. How do I host a party in the House?

See the hosting parties page.

8. How do I reserve a room in Eliot?

To reserve a room in Eliot House, please use the reservation tool. To read about what facilities you can reserve, go to the facilities page.

9. How do I take a class at MIT or another Harvard School?

You should first contact the course professor and get his or her permission to take the course as an undergraduate. Pick up a cross registration form from the house office. Follow the instructions outlined in the services page on this website.