Hosting Parties

We want you to have as enjoyable and fulfilling a time at Eliot House as possible. This includes allowing you to host social gatherings and parties in your suites. However, to make sure that all parties and events are safe and enjoyable for all residents, we have a few guidelines.

To host a party you will need to submit a completed and signed party form to the House Office by 12:00 pm on Thursday. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to download a party form.

  1. Parties are allowed on Fridays and Saturdays only. They are not allowed the night before big exams such as: MCAT, GMAT, GRE and LSAT.
  2. A party is defined as twice the number of students in the rooming group plus two, with a maximum of 49 guests.
  3. The House limit is two parties per night. The earlier you submit your party form, the better changes you have of getting it approved by the Resident Dean.
  4. The student who signs as the person responsible for alcohol consumption is exactly that: responsible. Be sensible and careful of yourselves and others. Do not allow underage friends to drink and never allow anyone to become drunk at your party. If you feel that your party is moving beyond your control do not hesitate to call the entryway tutor or the tutor on call, whose name and number will be on the party form and also posted in the breezeway.
  5. Any damage that occurs in the entryway on the night of the party will be charged to the rooming group which held the party.
  6. You must have food and non-alcoholic drinks available.
  7. Please remind your guests to be quiet in the stairwell and courtyard.
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