John Du

John Du

Non-Resident Tutor
Economics, Business
John Du

I am thrilled to be rejoining the Eliot community as a non-res tutor! I graduated from our dear Domus in 2012 and have been living near Davis Square working as a product manager for the life sciences division of Corning Incorporated (some of you might be familiar with my company's best known product: Gorilla Glass, which is the cover glass that protects your iPhones, iPads, Android devices, etc.) 

I'm here as a resource to help those who are interested in business explore opportunities outside of finance and consulting. I chose the non-traditional path of joining a technology and manufacturing company and have been immensely satisfied with my job. I believe many of you would also find the same sense of professional fulfillment if you looked in the right places. 

Ever since Doug introduced me to squash while I was at Eliot, I have been pretty hooked on the sport. I'm still on a quest to beat Doug in a 5-game match, which means I could use all the practice I can get. I'm always down for a good game of squash. 

I look forward to returning to the dhall and meeting all of you over dinner chats. Floreat Domus de Eliot!

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