Sorell Massenburg

Sorell Massenburg

Senior Resident Tutor
Applied Physics
Sorell Massenburg

I’m grateful to return to Eliot House this year with my high school sweetheart Nedra. We both hail from North Carolina, where we love our sweet tea, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and N.C. Bar-B-Que. My southern heritage also means that I’m never too busy for a chat, wherever or whenever our paths cross. As a college student, I spent four years criss-crossing the campuses of two fierce rivals, UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke University as Roberston scholar. I spent my summers teaching in rural Mississippi, volunteering at the Ministry of Public Health in Argentina, doing research here at Harvard and trying to learn flamenco guitar in Spain, culminating in a Bachelor’s degree in Physics in 2007. After a youthful fling with astrophysics, I began researching the physical properties of mucus and human lung cilia to better understand Cystic Fibrosis. After these research experiences I was hooked on using science to make the world a better place. 

This passion brought me to Harvard's Applied Physics PhD program. I have used physics to understand the buildup of particulate matter accumulates in microchannels to obstructs flow. In English: I've discovered the physics of how teeny-tiny pipes clog. In turn this knowledge will allow the improvement of water filters, oil extraction and etc. 

I have many hobbies, like: running, weightlifting, photography, biking and I’m always interested in gaining more. I look forward to sharing my love of North Carolina (especially in the form of food) and physics with my fellow Eliotites and I hope that you’ll share your passions with me as well!

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