Race Relations

Eliot House Race Relations Tutors Nedra Massenburg, Sorell Massenburg & Seun Araromi

Nedra and Sorell

Seun Araromi

As race relations tutors we strive to promote an environment in Eliot House where undergraduates, tutors, and staff can discuss issues of race and identity safely, openly, and honestly. We also seek to provide opportunities to learn about race, ethnicity and it’s diverse impacts on history especially in the United States. Our events range from trips to hear noted speakers in the Boston Area to documentaries and discussions within Eliot House.

We are committed to helping make Eliot House a welcoming and accepting community for people of all races, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. We are happy to serve as resources for anyone experiencing difficulties in issues regarding race and ethnicity. We welcome collaboration, suggestions for discussion topics and ideas for promoting a healthy inclusive environment at Eliot and the college. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time.