Sophomore Advising

The mission of Sophomore Advising is to help guide sophomores as they transition into Eliot House and focus their academic interests in a choice of concentration. Sophomore Advisers (SAs) serve as students’ primary academic advisers throughout the year, providing support for matters ranging from course choices to concentration declaration and summer plans. SAs are members of the House’s resident tutorial staff, and are assigned with the aim of matching students’ academic interests. In the Fall semester, SAs review and sign off students’ Study Cards, and assist sophomores throughout the Declaration of Concentration process. From then on specialized concentration advisers take over signing academic forms. In the Spring semester, SAs serve as a resource to assist students with summer internships, study abroad or career plans.

For more information, contact Eliot House’s Sophomore Advising Coordinators:

Nedra Massenburg: ndmclaugh[at]


Resources for Students:

Students will receive an email from their assigned SA during move-in at the beginning of the Fall semester. If needed, your assigned SA's contact details are also listed in:

The Advising Network Portal

The Advising Programs Office 

The Harvard College Handbook for Students