Welcome all Eliotites who may be considering a career in the health professions!
Your prehealth committee is excited to work with you in exploring potential careers in health. While most students in this category identify as premedical, we are happy to help advise for anyone interested in other healthcare related fields, such as nursing, dental medicine, veterinary medicine, public health, physical and occupational therapy, etc.
As a team of five resident tutors and a cadre of non-resident affiliates, we take great care in ensuring the best advising experience for you, as well as what we hope to be a successful application cycle for you, whenever you decide to take the next step.
For those of you who would like to be included on the Eliot Pre-Health Listserve, please fill in your information using this link:
Programming and Events for all Eliot Students
Prehealth Introductory Meeting - This yearly meeting occurs in the fall for all students interested in the healthcare professions. We will introduce your prehealth team and lay out the basics to prehealth advising in the Domus.
Eliot Grand Rounds - We will be inviting physicians, scientists, patients, and more to the house for dinner! Please consider joining us to discuss our guest's views on modern healthcare.
Suture Clinic - This yearly event is open to all, first come first served. Come learn the basics of suturing and tying surgical knots!
Prehealth Study Breaks - Need a little support after that orgo exam? Come to a prehealth study break and relax with your tutors and other students!
Prehealth Office Hours - In the fall, we run weekly Office Hours to discuss anything at all related to the field to any students who want to chat about applications, or are just exploring potential career options.
Lab@Eliot - This event is run weekly by one of our prehealth tutors to create an intellectually stimulating environment in the Domus for all those participating in or interested in research activities throughout the university.
Medical Ethics Question Table - As a component to the Eliot House Question Table experience, we regularly supplement with medical ethics related topics.
Important Information for Medical School Applicants
For those interested in applying to medical school, please note the application process starts approximately 1.5 years prior to matriculation!  That means that if you want to go to medical school right out of college, you start the process in January of your Junior year. Our process is one with ample guidance, advising, and mentorship. In return, we ask for your adherence to the firm deadlines set forward at the beginning of the process. Through this process, we provide a committee letter that will assist you in your medical school applications. Please note: We are unable to provide committee letters to Eliot Alumni who are 5 or more years out from graduation. 
All applicants are expected to fill out basic demographic information, as well as a few essay based questions. This is done through our separate premed advising portal ( At the start of each cycle, interested students can sign up for an account to log in and start building their applicant profile.
In early February each year, we will host an applicant info-session. This year, the meeting will be on Monday, February 2nd, at 7:30 pm in the JCR. Attendance is mandatory for all those interested in applying this cycle! We will go over the timeline expected, what you can expect from us, and general information about the application process.
Throughout the process, you will get advising and feedback from a non-resident affiliate as well as your team of resident tutors. We will meet with you frequently to discuss your application. We also plan yearly mock interviews in early September. For those Eliotites who may have graduated and are no longer in the Boston/Cambridge area, we are also happy to advise via skype/phone etc. 
More information will be coming soon. Until then, if you have any questions, please contact