Room Reservations


Rooms that may not be reserved:

The Senior Common Room (SCR), Junior Common Room (JCR), the Eliot Dining Hall, and the Eliot Small Dining Room may not be reserved by student groups for meetings. 

Rooms that may be reserved:

The Student Kitchen, Eliot Grille, Eliot Dance Studio, Golden Arm Movie Studio, T-2, T-29, and the Tower/Recording Studio may be only be reserved by Eliot House students and tutors for Eliot House related events. To reserve these rooms please read the ground rules below, then follow the room reservation policies and procedures in the left-hand column of this page.

Ground Rules:

  • You must be an Eliot House student or tutor to reserve a room. Rooms are made available at the discretion of the Eliot House Office and can be revoked or reassigned at will. Privileges will be revoked if rooms are 'sublet' to outside groups.
  • Treat the room like you would one in your own house: leave it cleaner and more organized than how you found it.
  • Be a community champ! Don't hog the rooms and be considerate of your fellow Eliotites.
  • All kitchen utensils are for use in the student KITCHEN ONLY. Please do not remove, even if you intend on returning items.


How to reserve rooms (Except Eliot Grille): 

  • Step 1: Create a Google Calendar event in your own calendar. Include Event Title, Your Name,  and Event Audience.
  • Step 2: Invite the custom event Calendar ID that can be found on the left hand side of this page for each reservable room.
  • Step 3: Save the event and confirm it is reflected on the relevant room reservation calendar.

Have fun and don't do anything Charles William Eliot would not do!

To reserve the Eliot Grille, please contact the House Administrator or Faculty Dean (Gail).