Eliot Fête and Formals

  • Featured in LIFE magazine

    The Eliot House Fête has been part of Harvard's traditions since the beginning of the House system

  • A formal to welcome in the spring

    Open to rising sophomores, the Fête offers a freshmen a first taste of life in Eliot House

  • Live swing band

    Don't worry - we have dance lessons to get everyone ready in time for the formal!

  • Champagne and hors d'oeuvres

    This year we have Georgetown Cupcakes, cookies from Lakota Bakery and a full champagne bar.

  • Strawberry dipping with Sue and Gail

    The strawberry dipping is one of the first and most memorable traditions that incoming Eliotites experience

  • Ice Sculptures

    The Fête also has an ice sculpture every year

  • Outside in the spring air

    The Fête takes place right after the freezing New England winter

What are House Dues?
House dues are not mandatory for residents of Eliot. They are a package of tickets to Eliot's three formals. Paying dues gives you a ticket for you and a ticket for a guest to Soiree, Winter Formal, and Fête of the same academic year. The price of dues does not increase from the fall to spring, unless you studied abroad, took time off, or are a freshman.

How can I purchase House Dues?
Dues are available through the Harvard Box Office and are SEF eligible. They can also be purchased through Venmo or with cash or credit card during tabling in the dining hall during Community Dinner on Thursday nights. If you Venmo, please send a screenshot of your payment to mprasad@college.harvard.edu.

What is Fête?
Fête is Eliot's spring formal and a long time tradition in the house. It features a live swing band, Georgetown Cupcakes, cookies from Lakota Bakery, champagne bar (must be 21+ to drink), and so much more.

When is Fête?
Fête is on May 5th from 10pm-2am.

How can I pick up my tickets?
There are no physical tickets. Everything is done through a list. When you buy a house dues package, we record your name on the list. If you want to confirm that you have paid dues, email mprasad@college.harvard.edu.

How can I register my guest?
If you purchased dues, you will be emailed a link to guest registration on May 1st. You can register one guest. All guests must be registered by May 5th at noon. If you do not register your guest, he/she/they will not be able to enter the event.

Are there single tickets available for purchase?
HoCo does not sell single tickets. The only way to find a single ticket is to purchase someone's extra guest pass.

Can anyone at Harvard buy a House Dues package?
While we welcome guests from other houses, only members of Eliot House can purchase House Dues. This is due to capacity restrictions for the event.

Can I transfer my dues package to another name?
Transactions must be between Eliot House Members ONLY. If you decide to make this transaction, please email mprasad@college.harvard.edu with evidence that both parties have made the transfer clear. "Tickets" to Fête (Eliot resident and +1) will belong to the person whose name is on the dues package.

What can I do if I am not SEF-eligible but am unable to afford paying the full cost of dues?
We understand that $40 for two tickets may be a financial obstacle. You can split the payment with a blockmate and register him/her/them as your guest. You can also sell your guest ticket. If none of these options seems ideal, please email mprasad@college.harvard.edu with concerns. We do not want students to be deterred from attending the event and are happy to talk about extenuating circumstances.

Do I have to know how to swing dance to come to Fête?
No! Fête attendees always have fun and enjoy dancing to both the DJ in the dining hall and to the live swing band in the courtyard, regardless of dancing ability. If you are interested in learning to swing dance, we offer both same sex and opposite sex lessons for free through members of the Harvard Ballroom Team. Come to the dining hall on April 23rd during Eliot Night if you are interested.

What are other events leading up to Fete?
There are also several events leading up to the formal, which we hope you take part in, like swing dancing lessons, bow tie lessons, and strawberry dipping.

Swing dancing lessons - Thursday, April 23rd at 9pm in Eliot Dining Hall
Bow tie lessons - Thursday, April 30th at 7pm in the JCR
Strawberry dipping - Tuesday, May 4th